Monday, December 1, 2008

We're home!

Aidyn was discharged Sunday afternoon and we are all happy to be home and together again! We kept Alissa out of school today so we could be a family today. Feels good, warts and all.

We came home to a thoroughly cleaned and decorated house. Our fridge was stocked too. We're pinching ourselves. Christmas lights were outside and in, a real tree by the fire, mini trees in each of the girls rooms, decorations all over... it looks amazing. Thank you for this thoughtfulness and the many, many acts of love.

Aidyn would love to see her friends and some smiling faces. The reality, though, is that all of our tanks are sputtering--we have spurts of energy and then nothing. So if you'd like to come by to say "hi" we'd all love it, but it will probably need to be short (like 10 min) for now. And, since it changes hourly, please call first to make sure Aidyn is up for it.

Thanks everyone for continuing to love us and pray for us!


Holly said...

welcome home!

Irish Girl said...

So glad that you are all home now! I'll continue to pray for all of you!