Monday, December 15, 2008

Looking Ahead

We had a couple more appointments last Friday at the hospital, and both went very well. The neurosurgeon gave the okay for almost all the rides at Disneyland for Aidyn! He said maybe not the ones with major G-forces, like Space Mountain or the big coasters. So Aidyn will have to miss out on a few of her favorite rides (she's a coaster junkie) but is still really looking forward to our trip.

We didn't really learn much new from this appointment and the surgeon was, again, very encouraged by how well she was doing. The fact that there was no neurological damage that we can find--not even a little numbness--is absolutely amazing. We had good surgeons and we have a great God!

The other appointment we had was with financial aid at Children's Hospital. We are waiting for a final approval today but were very encouraged.

Looking ahead, there's not going to be much new to report in the next few months until Aidyn's next MRI in late Feb. Until then, we'd once again be grateful for your intercession. Here's what we are praying for...
  • That this tumor stops growing and simply dissolves. This would mean no chemo!
  • That Aidyn's right side would continue to strengthen as we do our own physical therapy at home.
  • That the hospital and insurance company would play nice and work out all the bills. We are asking for God's provision and grace with what's left over.
Thank you for walking this journey with us! We feel loved.

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Mellifluous said...

Trina asked about Aidyn last night...unprompted by us as we hadn't talked about her in a few days. It was so exciting to give her great news and remind us all again of God's great power. May your Disney trip be lots of fun....even without the big coasters.