Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Little Background...

Thanks for stopping by to check on Aidyn and know how you can pray for her. 

Matt, Kristin, Aidyn, and Alissa, along with their extended families, are on a journey they didn't imagine only a few days ago.

Their hearts' desire is to communicate with everyone they love, ask for prayers, and share God's comfort and sovereignty.

They'll take over the blog updates when they're able, but for now, I'll try to articulate on their behalf as best I can. Honestly, that feels overwhelming, but here goes...

For a few weeks, Matt and Kristin noticed that Aidyn's right hand was weaker than the left, and about a week ago, noticed her foot was dragging around a bit.

They called their pediatrician and met with him last Friday. He consulted with a pediatric neurosurgeon and he scheduled an MRI for Monday. Based on the results of a couple of MRI's, they were admitted to Children's Hospital that afternoon.

After consulting with pediatric neurosurgeons, a neuro oncologist, and a few other "neuro" titles, it was determined that Aidyn has a tumor in her spinal cord. It is at the top, near the base of her brain stem.

Obviously, those words and diagnosis carry more weight than is comprehensible. Matt and Kristin are doing their best to digest this information, move forward with the doctor's plan, and bathe every detail in prayer.

The tumor is located precariously in the spinal column, so the location makes the surgery very intricate. The surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, November 26, at 8 a.m. and is expected to last four or five hours.

Additionally, the doctors are expecting the tumor to be cancerous, based on early screenings. They will biopsy it during surgery, but won't have full pathology results until later this weekend.

At that point they will know what exactly it is, what follow-up surgeries, chemo, etc. are necessary.

The philosophy of Children's Hospital is that the kids get to know as much as they would like. Aidyn sat in while the doctors went through some details, but opted out as more details unfolded. She is scared and loving the attention all at the same time.

So for now, please pray...

*That the surgery to remove the tumor will go as well as possible, without complications.

*That the biopsy results will come quickly and be conclusive.

*For Aidyn, that she will have peace and strength.

*For Matt and Kristin, Alissa, and their families...pray they will be able to rest at night, both emotionally and physically. (Kristin's parents are in town from California.)

*That they will feel supported, encouraged, loved, and have peace that transcends all understanding.

"Let us boldly approach the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need." Hebrew 4 :16


Kelly said...

thanks, nicole, for doing this. we will use this blog site to pass along information and requests for prayer, and we'll hope to see updates as they come about.

Julie said...

Praying for Aidyn and the family and the doctors. Nicole, way to get the word out - prayer makes all the difference, as we all know!

Robyn said...

I am a friend of Erin Turner's in St. Louis. I am praying for Aidyn and am adding her to our prayer chain at Calvary Church. She is in God's hands...no safer place to be. I am praying healing, immediate healing, for Aigyn in Jesus' name.

Josiah said...

I am a friend of Ben and Michelle's in Asheville. We are have been praying for you all and were go glad to get some good news from the surgery.

Thank God for his love and mercy to us all. We will continue to pray for you.

Josiah Bancroft