Thursday, July 2, 2009

MRI #2

Today was our second quarterly follow-up MRI, to monitor the tumor size and/or behavior. The pictures looked really good and the neuro oncologist was "very pleased" and said the tumor and area seemed "stable." Yeah!

One nurse practitioner measured the width of Aidyn's spinal cord on screen and compared it with the last MRI (from March), and said it actually might be a little smaller now--which is great.
They also inject contrast to highlight the material of the tumor, and the contrast doesn't really seem even to show up anymore. Our understanding is that's great too!

Our next MRI will be in the fall, and Aidyn will officially be a middle schooler (this picture is from her 5th grade Continuation in June).

We're praising God for Aidyn's progress and for these good reports!