Saturday, November 29, 2008

pathology results

One of the oncologists came to our room a little bit ago to share the news from the lab--she hadn't even told the neurosurgeons yet and looked like she had practically jogged in. The news: Aidyn does have cancer, but it's a lower grade and less aggressive. If you want the technical name, it's a pilocytic astrocytoma. This means a.) the operation could have killed it enough, and b.) if needed, lighter chemo is usually very effective.

They have a weekly "tumor meeting" on Wednesdays with all the specialists and will be discussing then what the best post-op treatment plan for Aidyn will be. We were grateful to hear results today, this was a quick turnaround and another answer to prayer.

It is so surreal to say, "Aidyn has cancer"... on Monday morning it was simply, "Aidyn's right hand is a bit weaker." Even so, everyone agrees that things this week have gone very well. First, the surgeons were very encouraged by the surgery and did no neurological damage (amazing when you look at that MRI!). Second, this lab result is about as good as you can get while still talking about cancer. The oncologist said a different result would have meant "a very different kind of conversation" today. Yikes. And thank you, again, Lord.

After Wednesday we should know a lot more about what our next few weeks and months (and years?) will look like. Our next goal: get home. Thanks for continuing to pray for us!


Robin said...

Well, we're bummed to hear there is cancer, but so grateful for the low-grade, non-aggressive kind! Will continue to uphold you all in prayer. We love you tons!

Meg said...

hey, we just got back to the computer today -- thanks for all the updates. we are continuing to pray for aidyn & are very encouraged by the way things are going!

Lorraine said...

We are praying for you in Asheville! Tian asks about Aidyn all the time! Love to you!

Shannon said...

We're so sorry to hear that it is cancer but are very relieved to hear that it is low grade. We are continuing to pray for Aidyn and all of you.

Mike, Shannon, Abby and Lissie

Irish Girl said...

I will be praying for Aidyn, and praising God with you for something so treatable!
Heather Kelley

Kari said...

We will keep praying (and admittedly crying) with you guys! Praying you get home tomorrow and get some much needed routine to your days. Thanks for being so faithful with the updates. We love each and every one of you!

billjudi said...

Praise God! Our family is praying for you in Baltimore, DC & Honolulu.

Holly said...

Matt, Kristen, Aidyn and Alyssa,

Our prayers and love are with you. Aidyn, sweetie, you have been a fighter since I had you in the bunnies here at Grace and I know you will continue to fight! You are a very special person to me so get well quickly, lots of love, Miss Pam

Stacy said...

we love you guys...we will continue to pray for complet healing for your swee aidyn. we know our Lord is with you each step of this journey
(isaiah 43:1-2)

the conners