Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New normal

Aidyn continues to recover well physically and make great strides. She is less and less sore and seems happier each day. She has been practicing this fall for choir at school and really wants to get back for that and the holiday performances they start next week. We stopped by after school today to see her teachers for a few minutes--she is loved! We are going to try a half day at school this Thursday. Can you believe that's only 8 days after major surgery? That's how well she's doing. But she still needs to grow her stamina so we are taking it slow and doing half days for a little while. And she needs to continue to strengthen her right side in the weeks and months ahead.

People have been kind to ask how we (Matt & Kristin) are doing. I would say that we still look back on last week in disbelief. The shock is wearing off, but there were so many emotions that we just didn't have time to sort out last week. So we still feel a bit drained but find ourselves wanting to get back to "normal." I describe it like we have one foot on the gas and one foot on the brake. The reality is that we are still figuring out what the "new normal" in our lives will look and feel like this week and in the months ahead. We could use an extra supply of God's presence and joy as we process all that.

We are scheduled to see the neuro oncologist at Children's next week on Thursday, 12/11. The team (neuro surgeons & oncologists) will have met the day before to discuss current cases, so when we go in they will be able to give us their suggestion for a post-op treatment plan for the remaining tumor/cancer. We are praying for wisdom for these people as they consider all the options for treatment--that they will pick the best plan to completely cure Aidyn. And we are praying that that won't include more surgery. Ever.

So we are waiting for that appointment and will be trying to figure out the new normal for the Wooley family in the meantime. A simple "thank you" feels rather flimsy, but we are so grateful for your care, encouragement, and ongoing prayers. They sustain us.

PS. If you're willing to intercede for us, the bold stuff above would be great things to be praying for.

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