Monday, December 8, 2008

108 hugs

We were all back at church yesterday. On the way home Aidyn said, "my official hug-count was 108 this morning." Apparently she started counting after the first dozen or so. My hunch is that some of those were repeat hugs. Regardless, she is loved and felt it yesterday from our incredible church community. (Younger sister Alissa's hug-count was in the 70s, but I think she got a late start with the official record keeping).

It was good to see Aidyn doing her usual thing on a Sunday morning. A couple times my eye caught her either holding babies or walking with toddlers around the gym--she loves it.

But it all may have been a little much and she was pretty tired last night. So she's enjoying some rest at home today. We'll try a half day at school tomorrow.

We are praying about our Thursday meeting with the oncologist and are eager to hear what the doctors have to say about post-op treatment. They all meet on Wednesday to discuss, so please pray for God's wisdom upon their thinking and decisions. Some in the mix may not recognize God as the source of all wisdom, but we do--even for brilliant, scientific-minded doctors! Thanks for praying with us and for us.


Sarah said...

We, along with a ton of our friends & family, are praying for you here in Kansas City. It's obvious that God has already done such HUGE things and we can't wait to see what else He has in store. We love you guys...

The Page Family said...

We are still praying for you guys! And for wisdom for the doctors! We will also pray that you will have rest...both physically and emotionally!! We love you guys and it was so good to see you all on Sunday!