Thursday, November 27, 2008

We are thankful for...

A pediatrician who took us seriously the first time, consulted neurosurgeons, gave us his cell phone number, made things happen at Children's on Monday, checked in frequently, and prayed for us.

A MRI tech who called neurosurgeons before the tests were even done.

A good hospital.

Grandparents who meet you in the lobby of the hospital and keep your kids laughing while you freak out.

Friends who will pick up our other daughter from school and spoil her as long as needed.

Friends who will adopt our dog for as long as needed.

Grandparents and family who will drop everything (and some cash) and fly here to be with us.

For dozens of people gathering to pray for Aidyn the night before surgery.

For dozens of people who came to the hospital and prayed during surgery. Picture about 15 people, on their knees (not kidding), in a big circle outside of surgery waiting, interceding for Aidyn.

For the hundreds of people across the country we know and don't know who have been praying this week.

That the tumor "presented itself" to the surgeons. No searching around a twisted spinal cord needed.

That the tumor was firmer than they expected, which means it probably has been growing slowly and is less aggressive. Seemed like a bit of a surprise to the surgeons.

For hugs that last longer than normal.

For friends' tears--not because of sentiment, or for us, but because they deeply love Aidyn.

For movement and breathing in recovery.

For neursurgeons (several) who stopped by often and have taken the time to answer all of our questions (some more than once).

For connections with a couple of the nurses here (friends of friends).

That Gary & Ann know personally the pediatric neuro pathologist who will be studying Aidyn's tumor over the next few days.

For a God who has been patient with our wrestling with Him... gracious to our daughter... and understanding that our love of Him is not always as unconditional as it should be.

And most recently... for hand-delivered Thanksgiving leftovers!


The Page Family said...

Beautifully said!

Mom said...

Thanking God and rejoicing with you!

Carla and Chris

grateful4babies said...

Hi Wooley clan. Just wanted to let you know the McCastlains are praying for you in FL. Praise God for the good news received so far.

elemacsdad said...

I have no doubt as I read the website you all know God's faithfulness. I am reminded this time of year as we approach Christmas that God has been faithful to us as a family. 10 years ago this Christmas our girls spent 40 days in the NIC U. 10 weeks premature births only enabled God to give us a deeper understanding of his faithfulness and the kindness of others!
God give you all strength and continue to show His faithfulness! You are in our prayers!!

Trotters said...

Wow. You are on such an unexpected and scary journey. Praise God for His sovereignty in all these things and for being in His great family. We'll be praying for healing and rest for all of you!

Candace said...

Hello Wooley Family -

We are so thankful that Aidyn came out of surgery with much success. We will continue to pray for her and the extended family during her recovery. Thinking of you!

Candace Edwards